We, Atelier Happy Elephant, introduces lovely, heartwarming and comforting artworks from Sapporo, Japan. Here are some event information.

2011/07/30(Sat.)~8/9(Tue.) An exhibition "Tsutsumareru" by Haruka KAWAI and Misako NAKAMURA.
Soul, Heart, and Body. Colors will be born at the moment. "Tsutsumareru" means to be wapped with, to be surrounded by, to be covered with and to be embraced by and filled with ...

Place:CAI02 Showa Bldg. B2, Odori West 5-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
The CAI02 Gallery is directly connected to the No.1 Exit of Odori Subway Station.
Time: 13:00~(close 23:00)
※ We will be having a small party from 7pm on Saturday, August 6. Come and talk with young artists!

During the event week, two ladies will draw something on the wall, exhibit and sell their small artworks. Happy Elephant will show you Misako Nakamura's artworks with very delicate, soft and gentle colors. Her colors can't be expressed on the website images. So please come and look! We're looking forward to seeing you there!  (Sunday closed.)

2010/07/26 Misako Nakamura will display her very new artworks at a live painting event "alphabed" by the group called "meltyarn".(http://meltyarn.love.heavy.jp/) Come and join us! at ATTIC (Sapporo: South3 West6 Choei Bldg.4F) 19:00-(close 22:00)
Admission: 100yen
2010/07/08Exhibition at MATSUO SHOTEN, SapporoMatsuo Shoten