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Gallery Kompis's Charity Postcard Exhibition
"Postcard exhibition and more ... Love & Peace 2014"
March 11 - April6, 2014.
Great East Japan Earthquake
Charity Exhibition @Gallery KOMPIS

The first solo exhibition by Misako Nakamura.

Misako Nakamura Solo Exhibition
@ Paper Megumi in Sapporo.

Dec. 13, - 17, 2013.

Misako showed her drawings and postcards at the Exhibition of Paper, Envelopes, etc. to give and decorate
"Exhibition of Paper, Envelopes, etc. to give and decorate"
@Gallery KOMPIS in Meguro, Tokyo.

Nov. 26 - Dec. 7, 2013

Happy Elephant's Sign Board
"Matsuo Shoten"

@ Sapporo

Misako's art is published on 2012 daily-rip-off-a-page Art Calendar
"2012 Daily-rip-off-a-page Art Calendar"
himekuri ART

Sold Out
(Bookstore "Dopub")
Misako's postcard is on sale at Munich Christmas Market at Sapporo
"Munich Christmas Market

@ Sapporo"
Invitation Card to Christmas-no-yakusoku Exhibition
Exhibition "Christmas no yakusoku (Promise for Christmas)"

@ Daido Gallery (Sapporo)
Invitation card to Tsutsumareru Exhibition
Exhibition "Tsutsumareru
(Enbraced with Colors)"

@ CAI02(Sapporo)

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